Unknown Paradise

Anonymous: How did you dye your hair blue?

Thats not me on the picture hahaha 

douchebagx3: Your blog is really amazing! I love some of the things you post!

thank you sweetie this means a lot! 

qaxde: Your blog is sooooo awesome! And, well, popular of course! I would like mine to be that popular too! What should I do to make that? Also, could you check my tumblr out please? Love ya! :)

aw sweetie thank you, just keep trying to keep a theme, update it often and lots of hash tags and like/ follow blogs to get recognised! and of course i will! 

Anonymous: this blog is perfect

omg thank you lovely 

han-xah: Sorry I keep spamming you but omg your blog <3 So happy I found it :3 x

it doesn’t bother me :) Im glad you like it though! :) x 

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